What to Know About AA Coins

An AA coin is a type of token provided to the members of Alcoholic Anonymous which symbolizes the number of days that a certain member refrained from drinking alcoholic beverages. It is customarily a medallion just like a size of the poker chip demonstrating the time achieved that a person remained sober. Each day, the members will be given an award for abstaining from alcoholic beverages while they are in the program. It is created to assist them to refrain from alcohol.

A sobriety coin is a token given to Alcoholics Anonymous members representing the amount of time the member has remained sober. It is traditionally a medallion the size of a poker chip marking the sobriety time achieved, awarded for abstaining from alcohol while with the program. It is intended to help abstain from alcohol. Here's a good read about Alcoholics Anonymous Coins, check it out! 

The Alcoholic Anonymous is not the very first group to take advantage of the sobriety chips: other temperance organizations also gave medallions to those people who swore to refrain from drinking and to keep track on the number of days, months, or even years that they remained sober.

First Utilization
A doctor was the first one who organized the Alcoholic Anonymous and talked about the nun who was very devoted in assisting the first members of the AA and was identified because she was giving coins to these members for each day that they were not able to drink alcohol. The history book says that this nun give each of her newly freed patients or members a Sacred Heart Medallion, which she told that they must return it once they start their first drink.

The Use of AA
The main history of how the AA coins came about after the said even is still unknown. It is said that it originated in Indianapolis in the year 1942. The person who started Alcoholic Anonymous in Indianapolis is thought to have originated the AA coins or the sobriety coins in this organization.

The group started a tradition with the use of colored poker chips so as to mark the time of their sobriety.

As each and every section of Alcoholic Anonymous saw fit, it linked on the sobriety coin tradition. As the private organizations saw the effectiveness and popularity of these coins, they also started to produce and manufacture these coins and vend them to various sections. It is said that the company that started the production of these modern chips that we now know today took place in Minneapolis in the year 1965. Please view this site  http://www.ehow.com/facts_7336864_meaning-aa-chips_.html for further details.